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Event Services Assistant

Event Services Assistant

Reports to:This position reports directly to the Program and Special Events Coordinator/Assistant. Cross-supervision is provided by other full time staff.

Hours: This position requires flexible availability including early mornings, late nights, weekends and during some breaks. Typically, Events Assistants will receive 4-8 hours per week and will work no more than 30 hours unless special notice has been given. At no time should any staff member work overtime without prior approval from their direct supervisor.

Pay: $14-15 per hour

Health Benefits: None



The Event Services Assistant(s) are a key player in the execution of events in facilities managed by JCC. The Event Services Assistant(s) is a key support staff member that provides setup and maintenance or furnishing and A/V equipment for all JCC events. The crew members work directly with our Program and Special Events Coordinator/Assistant and clients to ensure top-quality event setup throughout the JCC headquarters. 


  • Works directly with the event client before and during events to ensure proper equipment operation and room setup requirements.

  • Prepare room arrangements, setup registration area, assist with check-in/check-out process, track and document damages.

  • Complete room assessments before and after each event/conference, and insure all arrangements are in order.

  • Assist presenters with setup and use of Audio/Visual equipment during events.

  • Setup, test audio/video equipment including projectors, build-in computer, microphones and speakers prior to event.

  • Monitors the progress of events including sound levels, lighting levels, audio-visual transitions, room temperature and furnishings.

  • Works with supplemental audio-visual equipment and operators when large events require the addition of sponsor-provided equipment.

  • Assist and works with caterers for access to room prior to event, setup needs and breakdown after the event.

  • Assist with linen services in meeting rooms, ensure table linens are clean, linen placed on tables and set up as specified by guests. 

  • Collect linen after the event, bundle and place in a dirty linen receptacle for washing. May be responsible for laundering linen using local laundry, and possibly iron linens, organize linen and store.

  • Ensures that all audio-visual equipment and room furnishes are accounted for and properly secured during and after each event.

  • Assist with event setup and breakdown, including the transporting and layout of tables, chairs, stanchions, and podiums. Setup conference/meeting rooms into various configurations.

  • May require cleaning of tables, tossing trash, cleaning dry erase boards and vacuum as needed.

  • Works in collaboration with other staff to ensure the room setup is in proper compliance with the room setup instructions as requested.

  • Develop working knowledge of conference group schedules and purpose in order to better serve the group needs.

  • Provides regular feedback to the supervisor after all assigned events. Provides back-up support for general building operations functions.

  • Reports issues for a work orders for clean ups, room issues, repairs of equipment, etc. as needed.

  • Maintain complete and up-to-date records for each event and/or conference group.

  • Maintain an accurate log of tasks accomplished, areas that need attention, concerns of event/conference groups, and other general information

  • Respond to and assist with any issues that may arise, which could have an impact on the health and safety of guests and residents, during non-office hours and contact the appropriate professional staff.

  • Attend and participate in staff meetings, training, and professional development workshops.

  • Ensure and maintain that event areas are left in a neat, clean and orderly manner at the end of the event/shift.

  • Post event signage for events, place stands and re-collect after event.

  • Monitor lost and found items.

  • Communicate maintenance and housekeeping needs to supervisor.

  • Manage room audits and room condition reports prior to and after group check out.

  • Enforce policies and procedures related to reservations

  • Act as onsite event manager during an events

  • Perform other duties as assigned 



  • High school diploma

  • Prior customer service experience

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently

  • Basic computer skills


“I was in the Jacksonville Children's Chorus in 1999-2002. It helped me to build long lasting friendships and a greater love for music. To this day I still remember the fun times and great concerts we did in the JCC. I think this organization is great for children of all ages, it helps build confidence and friendships.”

Bethany, JCC Alum

“JCC truly embodies some of the best qualities of team sports: camaraderie, discipline, patience, persistence, and positive mentoring.”

Wali Gomes, JCC Parent

“The JCC is more than just a chorus; it is truly a life-changing experience. The Chorus has opened me to new experiences, provided me with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and helped me discover singing is not just one of my interests but rather a lifelong passion.”

Emma D., JCC Alum

“It is gratifying the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus program covers so much of what is not available to children in the Duval Public Schools. The children who have an opportunity to participate in your Chorus are very fortunate to have this outstanding musical training available to them. The entire community benefits from your talent and that of the children.”

Dr. Frances B. Kinne , Former Chancellor Emeritus and Past President, Jacksonville University

“The Chorus expands your musical horizons and helps you grow as a person. You are surrounded with other young people who have something in common…their love of music. I have learned that music does, indeed, bring people and cultures together. The music we sing brings people hope for a better future of understanding and cooperation.”

Jasmine M., JCC Alum