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A Staff Member’s Perspective On The JCC 

"I’ve been blessed to be involved with the JCC since its beginning. I helped the Founding Director, Jim Taylor as a volunteer and did the same when Twila Miller took over. When she left, the JCC Board asked me to help lead a choir while they conducted a nationwide search for a new artistic director. It was a fun year, and I learned a lot!

In 2006, the Board brought on Darren Dailey from the Boston Children’s Chorus. I’ll never forget how he watched me conduct a rehearsal. I was so nervous! But he put me at ease when he asked me to stay and continue as a conductor, and I did whatever I could to help the Chorus grow throughout our large city.

It’s been amazing to watch the Chorus grow from 16 original singers to well over 350 today. Mr. Dailey ingeniously kept it going during the pandemic! While choruses across the country shut down, Jacksonville Children’s Chorus has never missed a beat. This is the sign of an organization that is healthy, viable, and strong." - Virginia Barnett Dickert, Training Choir Conductor


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“It is gratifying the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus program covers so much of what is not available to children in the Duval Public Schools. The children who have an opportunity to participate in your Chorus are very fortunate to have this outstanding musical training available to them. The entire community benefits from your talent and that of the children.”

Dr. Frances B. Kinne , Former Chancellor Emeritus and Past President, Jacksonville University

“Through music and your leadership, these children learn to perform in different languages while experiencing the diversity of an array of world cultures. The understanding they gain will serve them well as they enter adulthood.”

R. Randall Onstead, former President/CEO of Winn-Dixie

“Music is such a valuable part of life. The way it enriches one’s life and encourages creativity, I do not believe anything else can do as much. We in Jacksonville are certainly blessed to have the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus.”

Scott C. Snyder, President, Compass Consulting Group

“Music plays a major role in the full development of a child. Not only does it enrich lives, it also serves as a pathway for students to express themselves and explore new ways to communicate with others. For 20 years, kudos to the JCC for molding the lives of young artists, and I look forward to the next 20 years.”

Tim Cost, President, Jacksonville University

“The JCC is more than just a chorus; it is truly a life-changing experience. The Chorus has opened me to new experiences, provided me with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and helped me discover singing is not just one of my interests but rather a lifelong passion.”

Emma D., JCC Alum