Program Manager

Program Manager/Associate Conductor


Reports to:  President and Artistic Director

Hours:  Full-time, flexible but must accommodate some Saturday mornings, late afternoon and evening rehearsals & performance schedule

Health Benefits:  Included

Office Holidays: 11 including New Year’s Day; Martin Luther King’s Birthday; President’s Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Veteran’s Day; Thanksgiving Day; Day after Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day; and one floating holiday of personal significance (ex:  Good Friday, Rosh Hashanah)

Personal Vacation:  two weeks per year (ten days total)

Spring/Winter Break Vacation Days:  five days total; split as directed by President

Direct Reports: 

Recruitment and Volunteer Coordinator and Program Coordinator


The mission of the Jacksonville Children's Chorus is to provide high-quality choral music education for children of diverse backgrounds, fostering teamwork, self-discipline, accomplishment, and pride while filling an important cultural need in the community and sharing the beauty of the choral art form through artistically excellent performances.


Major responsibilities include management of the logistical and operational aspects of the choirs, including coordination of rehearsals and performances, recruitment, training and management of volunteers, special events, and developing and nurturing relationships with Jacksonville Children's Chorus children and families.  This position will work closely with the President and Artistic Director (PAD) to ensure expectations of high-level performance standards are met.  Duties will include weekly instruction as a teaching artist for various JCC choirs as assigned by the PAD including but not limited to duties as a conductor, director, and vocal performance coach for JCC choirs and students.  This position will act as lead liaison for Volunteer Auxiliary Support to foster efficiencies of communications, logistical support, better dialogue, feedback, and overall outstanding customer and public relations with parents, grandparents, and other volunteer contributors.  This position will work closely with the PAD to report, monitor, and evaluate progress against targeted operational goals and objectives.  This position will work closely and in tandem with other key members of the administrative staff (Business Manager and Development Officer; Marketing Consultant; Program Coordinator) for the purposes of aligning artistic and operational goals with overall annual administrative goals and objectives.


  • Oversee logistical planning and implementation of level programs: classes, festivals, workshops, rehearsals, performances, recruiting, auditions, outreach activities, etc.

  • Report, monitor, and evaluate progress against targeted operational goals including but not limited to enrollment goals, tuition goals, and operational budgetary expenses:  provide valuable feedback and adhere to artistic and operational objectives.

  • Direct rehearsals, performances as assigned by the PAD, assist the PAD in planning the concert season and auditions.

  • Other duties may include rehearsing and coaching soloists, group voice and preschool music instruction, preparing smaller groups for run-out concerts and education, and outreach projects.

  • Manage volunteers and interns assigned to the choirs.

  • Supervises Recruitment and Volunteer Coordinator and Program Coordinator

  • Recruit, manage, and retain parent volunteers, providing training, to:

    • Assist chorus staff during performances and social events.

    • Direct assignments for set up, food service, and clean up.

    • Order, catalogue, distribute, collect, and file borrowed music.

    • Assist with filing and emptying folders at various times throughout the year.

    • Photograph performances for possible use for publicity and archives.

    • Assist at rehearsal locations with check-in/out, communications distributions, and serve as liaison to volunteers.

    • Serve on the special events planning committee to organize the annual spring concert dinner reception, invitations, publicity, group sales, and other program needs.

    • Oversee scheduling auditions, evaluations, and answering telephones.

    • Oversee coordination of tour details.

    • Oversee the fitting of choral attire for the chorus, maintenance and coordination of uniforms for concerts, and assist with choral attire exchange and orders.

  • Develop strong relationships with JCC children and families, nurture the development of each child, and provide appropriate support for children and families.

  • Communicate the Jacksonville Children's Chorus culture through role modeling and instruction, supervision and discipline of children participating in chorus programs.

  • Partner with and support the teachers and conductors who are working with the children.

  • Prepare monthly reports and other work products as assigned by the PAD.

  • Assume administrative responsibilities as assigned by the PAD.


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music or related field.

  • Minimum 3-5 years direct experience in youth development, previous performing arts management experience preferred.

  • Knowledge of child development, group leadership, planning, and scheduling required.

  • Ability to work with children and families from a variety of backgrounds required.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, administrative, and computer skills required; strong background and knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher, Excel).

  • Ability to work as a member of a team, as well as lead teams of children, volunteers, and peers as required.

  • A passion for music and singing and knowledge of arts management.

  • The right candidate will be a capable, independent worker with strong entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to work in a fast-paced, changing environment.

  • Some travel required.

  • Valid driver's license required

Please submit cover letter, resume, recorded materials, and three references to:

Kelly Rubin, Executive Assistant to the President and Artistic Director

Jacksonville Children's Chorus

225 E Duval Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202
DEADLINE August 9, 2019

“JCC truly embodies some of the best qualities of team sports: camaraderie, discipline, patience, persistence, and positive mentoring.”

Wali Gomes, JCC Parent

“The Chorus expands your musical horizons and helps you grow as a person. You are surrounded with other young people who have something in common…their love of music. I have learned that music does, indeed, bring people and cultures together. The music we sing brings people hope for a better future of understanding and cooperation.”

Jasmine, 16, Touring and Concert Choirs

“The JCC is more than just a chorus; it is truly a life-changing experience. The Chorus has opened me to new experiences, provided me with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and helped me discover singing is not just one of my interests but rather a lifelong passion.”

Emma, 17, Touring and Concert Choirs

“It is gratifying the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus program covers so much of what is not available to children in the Duval Public Schools. The children who have an opportunity to participate in your Chorus are very fortunate to have this outstanding musical training available to them. The entire community benefits from your talent and that of the children.”

Dr. Frances B. Kinne, Chancellor Emeritus and Past President, Jacksonville University

“Being a part of the JCC has not only allowed Christian to experience the fun, excitement and pleasure of singing with friends, it has also helped him to develop a sense of confidence that comes from life skills of hard work and perseverance.”

Elaine Bourne, JCC Parent